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Set the trend by rocking what nobody else is at the moment, we are proud to bust our all new Trizzy Tre Beats hats & t-shirts! Kill the streets and have everyone wondering "Where did you get that?". Pretty soon the rest of the world will be following what you started, thanks for being a Trizzy Tre Beats trend setter!

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Our Rising Stars are artists who take their work very seriously with goals of reaching the top and being able to support their families. They strive for nothing but to be the best, taking out anyone that gets in their way while making a fool of anyone that thinks they can stop them. Each and everyone of them understand that nothing will be given to them, with that knowledge there is no hesitation to take whatever it is they want and leave their mark. Are you ready to become a Trizzy Tre Beats Rising Star?


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What personally makes me upset as a producer is when everyone thinks they are a professional when it comes to making beats. When searching the web you will find people all over the place talking about how they have the "Secret" to being a good beat maker and so on, let me be the first to tell you that its a complete load of crap. You may think that you have to do things a specific way to make a hot track but that is not the case, you only need to know and have a few things.

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Are You A Producer?

We know exactly how it is when your trying to break out as a new producer, in the beginning you wont get a lot of love. It took our CEO Trizzy Tre Beats a few years to actually get his feet off of the ground as well,but he has learned a lot since than and is ready to pass that knowledge down to you. There are no shortcuts, but learning from his mistakes will help you be more successful and effective in the beat game.

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Our CEO (Trizzy Tre Beats) has major plans in the future as far as helping music lovers around the world. We understand that not everyone makes music but wants to be part of our community, what better way than to help us reach new heights? With your small donation of $50 you will be contributing to our progression, and that's huge! As a special thanks your name, photo, and a special thank you note will be posted on a page made just for you.